Building Sonex SN: 1544
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Sonex 1544:

- Standard Gear

- Center Stick

- Jabiru 3300 (Maybe UL??)

- Probably NOT Yellow

Me sitting in the factory's Sonex SA (Sport Acro) while I attended the builder's workshop in October 2011




Paint Schemes

How Does One Discover their True Colors???

Paint Scheme Ideas



Build Log:




Sonex Aircraft

Wicks Tool Supplies

Avery Tool Supply

Aircraft Spruce

Jabiru Engines

Camarillo, EAA Chapter 723

Sonex Builders dot net

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     In July 2011, I attended Oshkosh-AirVenture for the first time in 6 years.  Building a plane (at least one) has always been on the To-Do list, but being surrounded by so many other pilots and their home made airplanes really lit a fire under my butt!  I began to give thought and consideration of what I would be looking for in my first airplane kit.

      Because I hope this to be the first of several airplanes I hope to one day build, I wanted to start with something that would be "Relatively" cheap, easy to build, fast to build, and most importantly, fun to fly!  The Sonex, as it turns out, has all of these qualities.  It is one of the most reasonably priced kits on the market, it's all sheet metal with pop-rivets, and it can be tossed around (+6/-3Gs).

       In October, I attended the Sonex builder's workshop at their facility in Oshkosh, WI.  This experience further reinforced my desire to proceed.  before leaving, made a deposit on my kit.  My plans and aluminum angle stock arrived in November '11 and I began to work!  The remainder of the kit is scheduled to arrive the first week of February 2012.  I'm hoping to complete the project within 18-24 months (max).  Wish me Luck!!!


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