Leap Year, 1 More day to Build! February 2012
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Hanging the Pallet top with AL Sheet to the ceiling

(This was NOT a well thought out endeavor :-/ )



Total Hours:               17.9

Hours Fabricating:       2.2

Fab Hours to Date:      71.5


     I finally opened my New Harbor Freight Pneumatic rivet gun.  I cut and drilled some scrap parts to test out a few rivets.  I used some of the cheap aluminum rivets that came with the gun.  Everything seems to work pretty well!


     Leap Day!  I started work on the Aerobatic Ailerons.  I debured, sanded and scotch brited the laser cut plate parts.  I checked the patterns to the drawing (visual reference to the 1:1 dwg) and assigned them a QC Pass.  I sanded all of the edges of the Ribs and checked them against the drawing.  All parts look good!



     No Work today, but I did hear back from Sonex again.  I replied with my finished Inventory check list, making specific note of the missing Tail Skin.

    PS:  Solid Works World was Pretty Awesome!  I learned some stuff, and they know how to throw a Party!!  Good times were had by all!


     Cake Concert Day!  I hung one of the two new light fixtures I purchased from Lowes over the new work bench (the pallet base over 4 saw horses).  I organized my Builder's Checklist binder and I sorted and separated the Duel Stick specific parts that I need to Ship back to Sonex.  I studied the plans for the Tail and ailerons to figure out what I'll do first.

PS  Cake is Awesome!  One of the best concerts I'v ever been too!


     No Fab today... Actually, today was a total FAIL!  I started to update the Google QC Log, but I fell asleep at my desk after only working for about 10 minutes!


     I took the pallet lid and attempted to rig it with rope.  With the assistance of Byron, and much hassle and headache, and a second trip to Lowes, we finally were able to get the plywood sheet rigged.  All of the aluminum flat sheet was loaded onto the pallet and it was hoisted to the ceiling.  No Fab this coming week, on account that I'm going to Solid Works World in San Diego! See you when I return.


     No Work Today... But I did run the Redondo Beach 10K Race.  I finished in 59min!  That's a 9:36/mile average! 


          I heard back from Sonex yesterday about the Order mixup.  They acknowledged the error and asked what I'd like to do to fix it.  Today, I continued inventory.  I checked box 10/10 and box 6/10.  I discovered that box 6/10 was missing quantity 1 of 3 of the Universal Tail Skin (Oh No! No Rudder!!!!).  I emailed Sonex back and let them know I wanted to exchange the Duel Stick stuff for the center stick and about the missing part.



     I continued sorting and inventorying the Kit.  I checked boxes 5/10, 4/10, 2/10 and everything is good so far!  ** note that there are typically 11 boxes, but I had the angle bundle shipped ahead of time.  I also sent Sonex an email asking about the Duel/Center Stick mixup.


     More Inventory!  Checked boxes 1/10, 3/10, 7/10, and 8/10.  All checks out good.  Everything was in the kit that was "supposed to be".  The Duel Stick Pushrods are backordered.  I'm hoping to stop that and have them ship the correct stuff for the Center Stick.


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