Happy New Year: January 2012
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My Kit arrived on January 31st.  Now to get down to Business!


Total Hours:               69

Hours Fabricating:       34.4

Fab Hours to Date:      69.3


     The Kit has Arrived!!!!  Conway delivered the pallet to the office just before 2pm.  The driver was supposed to call  me 30minutes prior to delivery, but he did not, so I got a phone call from receiving telling me the shipment was here.  By the time I got over there, My good buddy Rob was unloading the pallet from the truck with his Forklift.  That was a Huge Help!  Thanks Rob.

    Roger, Jeff, and Kendall were kind enough to help me unpack the pallet and put the contents in My Truck and Roger's Truck.  The four of us drove back to the house and unloaded the contents into the garage!

*** Jeff noticed that one of the boxes said "Duel Stick"  Uh Oh, I ordered the Center Stick.  (Not to worry, it will all get worked out!)  After I got home that night, I began to unpack some boxes and start the inventory.

Delivery Day Photos!


      No Fabrication today.  Earlier in the week, I received notification that the full kit had been shipped, and would be arriving the following week!  I spent today trying to finish cleaning the garage and organizing my new tools.  I finished cleaning the work bench and hung up the parts bins.



     No Fabrication today.  I sorted my new hardware into bins, updated the website and my Google Log :-)


     More quality control inspections.  I am pleased to announce that everything passed!  Fuselage parts F14-08R&L and F14-09R&L were checked and marked complete.



    More quality control inspections.  I am pleased to announce that everything passed!  Two parts received a Marginal Pass, but, in a good way;  they might require some sanding (not a re-make).  I passed L05-07, L05-08, W11-03 (Qty. 4), and W11-05 (Qty. 2).


Tool Shopping at Sears.  I spent way too much money, but, I did get some cool stuff!


     Today started off a week of Quality Control Inspections.  This task is very boring, but I feel it is necessary.  Tonight, I checked, and passed F03-05R&L, F03-06R&L, F13-06R&L.  Good Job me!  I've found that I've been paying closer attention to the details and have been making fewer mistakes.


     I finished working on F14-08R & L and L05-07 & -08.  I fine cut the part edges on the Mill and then sanded the bevels tangent to the milled radii.



     I began cutting bar stock!  I decided not to make all of the stock parts for various reasons.  I rough cut the Stock for the Brake Handle and the Flap Handle.  I also cut a few spacers and quantity 4 of the W11-03 blocks.  I made a simple jig in the mill to "Mass Produce" the W11-03 parts.



     Again, No fabrication today (Gotta go get buff at the gym).  But, I updated my Google Docs log and this website.


        Back to Work!  I began fabricating the last 4 parts in the 1.5" Angle set.  I worked on L05-07&-08.  I also began to re-make the parts I scrapped earlier in the week, F14-08R&L.  I called it quits at midnight after roughing the last cuts on the band saw.  I'll come back later and face the edges on the Mill.



   Friday the 13th!  I finished Making F14-09 R&L and started and finished F03-06 R&L.  I followed the directions this time and bent the parts first, then cut them.  I think it worked out a little better this time.



   No Fabrication today.  I did however work on organizing the garage and I got some tools, including an Air Compressor (Finally)!


Nothing Exciting today.  It was a lazy airplane building weekend.  I flew my first Young Eagles on Saturday and went on a 6.5 mile run on Sunday as part of my 10K training.  My gym appointment was moved, so I'm working on this website.  Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up adequately in the future.



    Today was not good.  I wasted almost 4 hours working on ill fated parts F14-08R&L).  I veered from the directions because I thought I had the tools to make it better, but, I failed.  In addition, I grabbed a 1 1/8" mill bit thinking it was a 1" mill bit and did not check.  So, everything on the left part was off by 1/16" TOTAL FAIL!!!  I Gave up and started the Fab process for F14-09 R&L. 



I fabricated F03-05 L&R after work before heading to the Gym... Hey, I've gotta get skinny so I can maximize my performance!



I fabricated 2 pieces of W11-05.. some "Wing Angle"


Happy New Year!!!  I decided to postpone work on 2 of the remaining 4 pieces due to possible pending design modifications.  I am thinking about maybe changing how the canopy attaches.  So, I'll wait to Fab the upper longerons (where the canopy mounts) until I've had a chance to analyze any changes.  I did however finish the lower longerons.  I also Cut all of the 1.5"x1.5"x1/8" Al Angle stock to rough length in preparation to start the new set!



I fabricated my first 1.5"x1.5"x1/8" Al Angle Part, W11-08!

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