March 2014
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Total Hours:               23.2

Hours Fabricating:       23.2

Fab Hours to Date:      534.4









I finished drilling all countersinks on the root section of the right main wing spar W08-01R




I Started dimpling the right main sheer web at the spar root where it overlaps the left spar.  the screws and rivets in this section are flush. 





I finished updrilling all non-flush rivet holes, and all bolt holes in the main right spar assembly. I disassembled the assembly to start deburring.




I deburred shearwebs and spar root parts. Without the full span shear web (.025" sheet), I finished updrilling all of the root flush rivet holes. Once complete, I started countersinking the holes in the spar cap & 1/8" shear web material.



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