February 2014
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Drillin' The Mistress Real Good!



Total Hours:               22.2

Hours Fabricating:       20

Fab Hours to Date:      511.2


28 - Feb-14

I started updrilling the final rivet size in the Right main spar assembly. I started at the tip and worked my way towards the root.





I continued updrilling all solid rivet and bolt holes with #30 bit.  I finished drilling all of these holes. I have some tools scheduled to arrive on the 28th from the Yard.  I ordered some long-reach clecos, more drill bits, some reamers, countersinks, and some other miscellaneous stuff.  I will continue updrilling to solid rivet and bolt size once these items arrive.





While waiting for my new tools to arrive, I decided to practice dimpling sheets using the Sonex Super Simple Dimple Die.  made some parts from thin sheets to practice popping flush rivets.  I also made a thicker piece to practice with the Solid flush rivets.  The super simple dimple die seemed a little small for the larger rivets.  I also had trouble keeping it centered over the larger holes (and even some of the smaller ones).  I ended up with several non-concentric dimples around the holes.





This Saturday I finished Pilot Drilling the Right Main Spar Assembly (W08-01R).  Once all holes were pilot drilled, I started updrilling the rivet holes from the tip inward.





I started drilling the pilot holes for the spar add-on parts. I finished drilling the lower angle (lower root/overlap Spar Cap).





I continued working on the Right Spar Assembly.  Today, I pilot drilled the two vertical stiffeners W11-09 & W11-11, as well as the Tie Down Fitting W11-10R





Tonight, I started drilling the Right Main Spar (W08-01R).  I started at the root and worked my way towards the tip.  I got about 1/4 of the right span.




I continued working working, and finished drilling the pilot holes in the Right spar caps, using the shear web holes as a guide.



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