April Non-Showers bring Tornados and dry Desert Winds!
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I worked on March 29th, then not again till April 24th :-(


Total Hours:               2

Hours Fabricating:       ~ 2

Fab Hours to Date:      109.1


     I disassembled the clecoed aileron and started marking the Left and Right Flap Skins for Drilling.  I also updated the Google Docs log and this Web Log.


     April kicked my unplanned year of adventure into full swing.  Between social events, meetings, personal travel, and business travel, it seemed I was either out of town, or at work making up hours for the majority of the month.  Unfortunately this meant that I only worked on the plane 1 day during the month.  This was incredibly disappointing, but some adventures are worth it.

     The first Saturday was wrought with adventure when I tried to take some Young Eagles for a flight, but it was thwarted by my first FLAT TIRE.  I landed at the Young Eagle's airport with a flat nose wheel.  Fortunately, all the circumstances aligned such that I was able to coast in a straight line to a safe spot off of the active runway, where I was met by Airport Opps and we pushed my ship over to the ramp.  I spent the day hanging out at the EAA hangar, watching other pilots fly the kids while I waited around for the mechanic to replace my tire.  Overall, it was an interesting experience.

     The following week I traveled to Wichita, KS for my 11th attendance to the AIAA Design Build Fly Contest.  Unfortunately this weekend too was disastrous, Naturally Disastrous.  For the first time in 13 years, Wichita sustained a direct hit by a Tornado, which ripped right through our flight field.  While the Cessna field only sustained minor damage, all roads leading to the facility were pretty torn up.  Some buildings were torn to shreds and power lines were strewn across the roads.  As such, the contest was CANCELLED for the first time ever.  It was a very disappointing time for everyone.

     My original plan to drive back to Denver from Wichita with my friends was changed and instead I flew to New Mexico directly from Wichita for a week long business trip.  Upon my return from New Mexico, I spent the majority of my free time preparing for my next adventure, the Bicycle Tour to San Diego... and making up hours or lost time at work :-(

    While I thought about working on the plane, as well as Not working on it quite a bit.  But, I must remind myself that it is all one grand adventure, and I will finish the plane in due time!  :-)

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