May June Not Be So Disappointing :-/
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TOTAL BUST.... Again!

I worked on April 24th, then not again till May 29th :-(

Though, in my defense, I did ride my bicycle more than 230 miles to San Diego!


Total Hours:               2.5

Hours Fabricating:       2.5

Fab Hours to Date:      111.6


     Despite this being the only night in May I worked on the Sonex, it was not very productive.  I spent some time studying the plans and then I finished marking the rivet hole positions on the Flap skins.  I also verified that the hinges I had in stock were what the drawing called for.  That's it.

.....And I went Backpacking in the Grand Canyon!!

                -- Photo by Jeff McBride

     Fortunately for me, unfortunately for the Sonex Project, the adventures continued in May.  The first week of the month was spent on my Bicycle riding down to San Diego with a friend from VT.  It was a pretty awesome trip and I thought I rocked it pretty good.  My performance was orders of magnitude better than my first tour from San Francisco to Santa Barbara back in 2009.  I am in much better shape now, to the point where the trip was actually enjoyable rather than painful!  After only a week of rest, which was really a week of working overtime to makeup hours for my real job, I did a 3 day backpacking trip down the Grand Canyon.  Again, the fun trip to was followed by a last minute deployment to the field for work.  In all, I spent nearly 2 weeks roasting out in the Desert Sun!  Oh well, I guess I'll see if Gingers are able to tan after all.  I then be home for One week before heading back to the East Coast for 1 week.

     I'm sorry to leave you alone so much my Darlin' Sonex... but at least it's for a good cause...... ADVENTURE!!!

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