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A Mountain Man with an Air Drill



Total Hours:               14.3

Hours Fabricating:       11.2

Fab Hours to Date:      122.8


     Trimmed the inboard (root) section of the left and right Flap Skins (my green line).



     All six ribs for the left and right flaps were blue lined, positioned, drilled, and clecoed.  The flap hinge was positioned and aligned using brass shims for spacing.  The hinge line was drilled and clecoed.



     I cut the two Wing-side flap hinges (W27-02) to length.  I also cut the Flap side hinges to length and drill all holes.  W27-02 hinges were inspected and given a QC-Check.  W27-04R7L were completed sans inspection.



   I drilled all rib rivet holes in the left and right Flap Skins.  All drilled holes were debured, inside and out.


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