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Total Hours: 6.8

Hours Fabricating: 6.8

Fab Hours to Date: 645.6


Bryan came over to help set the last few rivets in the Right Main Spar.
_11_141_bryanpoundingrivets_small.jpg _11_142_thelastpart_small.jpg _11_143_startdrillingbadrivets_small.jpg
With all of the rivets set, I flagged all of the "Bad" rivets that I thought would need to be drilled out and replaced.
_11_15_drillingbadrivets1_small.jpg _11_15_drillingbadrivets2_small.jpg _11_15_drillingbadrivets3_small.jpg _11_16_rivetreplacementandinspection_small.jpg
I had to drill out more rivets than I care to admit.  I mean, it was my first go at this :-P  I expect that the left spar will go together with fewer rivets needing to be reset :-)