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Total Hours: 12.6

Hours Fabricating: 12.6

Fab Hours to Date: 638.8


I procured the a rivet cutter. I cut about 24 5-12 rivets to approxiamtely 5-11s. I started pounding them into the lower angle. The frist 3 or 4 I pounded with the hammer and bolt, but then decided to try the rivet gun. I used the shop head hammer set in a similar fashion as the hammer and bolt. I finished pounding all but 4 of the rivets (where the draw clecos were). I messed one new rivet up, for a total of 4 known bad rivets on this part.
_08_101_rivetcutters_small.jpg _08_102_cutrivets_small.jpg _08_103_firsthammeredrivet_small.jpg
I started Pounding the Button-head rivets.
Continued Riveting solid rivets along the right main spar.  I'm almost done!
_08_301_buttonrivet1_small.jpg _08_302_buttonrivet2_small.jpg _08_303_buttonrivettape_small.jpg _08_304_buttonrivealmostdone_small.jpg