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I Has Elevator (Well, almost)


Total Hours:               15.2

Hours Fabricating:       14.4

Fab Hours to Date:      163.9

  The adventures continued in August, as I took a

2-week break from airplane building and traveled

to Ireland with my Parents and we had a brilliant

time!  I felt at home with my People.... Red Power!



       I continued working on the Elevator.  I finished drilling and clecoing the left Elevator section.  Once complete, I setup a flat table and jig to align the two elevator parts together.  I aligned the leading edges and set the span.  Once the position was verified, the root/drive rib assembly was positioned and the rivet holes were measured and marked.  The rood/drive rib pilot holes were drilled through the skins and ribs.





     I drilled the center and tip rib pilot holes into the left and right elevator skins.  Once complete, I blue lined the center and tip ribs and started aligning and drilling the elevator ribs.  I finished the left elevator and began work on the right.





       I started this evening by drilling the elevator hinge.  I then moved to assembling and drilling the elevator root assembly (Drive Ribs).  I aligned the root assembly on the granite flat table and used the kit supplied steel drive horn as a template for the drill.  To help get into the tight spots, I used an air die grinder.  I disassembled deburred, and then reassembled for updrilling.  Once complete, I marked the tip & center ribs for the elevator skins.  For fun, Tony gave me root rib ears :-).






     After working work-work late, I didn't get started on fun-work till after 9pm.  I started by marking the elevator skins for trimming.  I used the cutting wheel on the Dermel to rough out the skins.  I then filed and sanded the edges to finish.  I inspected the skins per the plans and called them good!  I then deburred and inspected the elevator ribs.  I finished by cutting the elevator hinges to length, but they still need to be drilled.



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