It Begins: November 2011
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I completed my first parts (from 1"x1"x1/8" AL Angle Stock) on November 15, 2011


      November 22 was the last day of the month I worked on the project.  The remainder of the week was spent celebrating the Thanksgiving Festivities.     In addition, I went to Joshua Tree National Park with Karl K. over the weekend and Celebrated my birthday the following Monday.


Total Hours:               29.5

Hours Fabricating:       20.6

Fab Hours to Date:      20.6



This was a double day of work.  I managed to the F14-11 parts and start working on the Flap Detent angle mounts over my lunch break.  After work, I finished the Flap Detent Angle monts and started re-making the tie-down angle that failed my QC.



I completed work on W11-10.  I also made parts F10-06 & F22-06.  I performed QC on all of the finished parts.  Most parts were good.  Two (F10-06 & F14-11) were flagged as Marginal.  I have 3 main QC Classes: Pass, Marginal, & Fail.  If the part is marginal, that means that the item that is "Out of Spec" may not be critical.  It will be determined if the part is good or bad at a later time.


I cut all the remaining 1x1x1/8" (x100") stock to rough length.  After I was finished, I had several small scrap pieces left as well as one whole 100" piece.  I'm sure I'll make mistakes along the way and be thankful for the extra.



I fabricated F14-11 R&L.  I did not finish the parts on account of a Curling Match.  I included a pretty picture of me working on the Mill in the Shop :-)



I performed quality inspection on my first set of parts.  One Failed, and will have to be remade :-(


I rough-cut the remaining 1"x1"x1/8" Stock parts.  I almost immediately noticed the first big mistake of the night :-/  I've come to the realization that this is only the beginning and many, many more will follow.



First Day of Fabrication, First part made: SNX-W11-09



Wing Tie Down Brackets (SNX-W11-10).  I would later find that I mis-measured one of the holes and the part had to be scrapped.


I spend these two days laying on the living room floor looking through the immense, and somewhat overwhelming plans book.  The drawings are considerably busier than anything I do for work.... I tend to try and keep the page simple.  I'm sure I'll get used to it.  I began to look through the plans and pick out parts that were made using AL Angle bundle stock.  This task proved very tedious.  I also attempted to inventory the stock in the bundle based on the material guide in the drawing checklist.  This proved inconclusive.  I later emailed the factory and asked for an inventory list.  Thankfully, they sent one, which also included a list of the parts made with each size of stock!


The plans, Aluminum Angle Bundle, and my tools from the workshop were delivered!  The project officially Begins!

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