Miscellaneous Collection of Photos
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  Thanksgiving 2007


  The Gang got together at Gabriel and Shannon's for Thanksgiving

  2007 Red Bull Air Race: San Diego, CA


  James' TOP GUN Party


  - After spending some time flying planes with our intern Madalyn (age 20),

    we were shocked to find that she had never heard of the classics, such as

    Top Gun, Mr. T, or David Hassel Hoff and Bay Watch, so we thought we

    would enlighten her... So we through a party and watched TOP GUN

  My Poor Truck


  While I was watching the Darjeeling Ltd. with Mike and Kate,

  Some asshole through a Corona Bottle Through my Back Window!

  Comet McNaught, Chasing the Sun


  Comet McNaught Diagram

  The AeroVironment FlyBalls, Round 2

  The FlyBalls suit up again for the Fall '06 Season

  The Sony HD 500

  My First NASCAR Race, Thanks to Jason M. and his Father-in-Law :-)


  AeroVironment FlyBalls

  Simi Valley Summer 2006 Softball League

  Our first season 0-8... YEAH Baby (hey, we're engineers)

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  AeroVironment 2006 Company Soccer Match


  Simi Valley vs. Monrovia


 New Miscellaneous Pictures (Summer 2006)

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  Mike and Kate's   House Warming Party  


 Simi Valley Wild Fires


  Old Miscellaneous Pictures (Summer-Fall 2005)

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